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How to Apply – Registration is open from December 01, 2016 to March 15, 2017 – we encourage everyone to apply and have the chance to compete in our first Trail Run challenge !

We wish for everyone to take part and be selected for the final 10 (in consideration there are some requirements to be met which will ensure the safety of the expedition.) If you don’t meet the requirements, we still encourage you to subscribe and be part of the activity that will take place and invite you to join our first challenge!

Challenges & selection, will take place from March 2017 when the registration closes. The first challenge to take place will be a 100km charity trail run outside of Bangkok. With every finisher moving forward to the next selection challenge.

The True South contestants will face elimination in each challenge demonstrate to our experienced adventure selection panel why they will be the best for the job!

TV Reality Series, the entire process will be captured and brought to audiences every week around Thailand and the world via direct Television and online YouTube channel.

The Final team, will have an ongoing training schedule to take part in workshops and challenges to gain the skills & experience to undertake the expedition safely. Some of the challenges include – Snow Skiing & camping in Japan, Glacier trekking in Nepal, Cross Country skiing in Canada – see the full program online here.

The Charity, 1 Million THB will be granted to each of the 10 finalists where in completion of the mission the grant will be donated to a cause of their choosing.


Remember to stand out ! As mentioned registration will be open to everyone – so make sure you include everything that will get the attention and increase your chances to succeed.

You will need to fill out your personal details, pass prerequisites and upload a photo profile of yourself, along with a short video under 120s of WHY you want to take part in TRUE SOUTH. Importantly we will be looking at skills, training, qualifications and experience that you can also bring to the expedition – though not essential, it will bring an advantage on our reviews. To get started login with Facebook on our registration page between December 01, 2017 and March 15th, 2017.

The first trail run challenge is open to everyone that applies, you will then be reviewed by a panel of expert adventurers. The panel review will be looking at a series of important traits about each individual and to see that they have what it takes to overcome the challenges and hardship that will be endured on the Antarctic Expedition. The challenges will continue for more information find out here on the challenges page.

Our final 30 applicants will then undergo rigorous training intended to push each and every individual outside of their comfort zone and to see how you perform. From learning how to skate on ice, to camping & survival in the wilderness through to international expeditions to some of the most incredible landscapes on our Blue Planet.

10 people will remain by the end, with an additional 2 guarantors in case any individual of the final 10 may drop out. This will be the team that heads off on the final journey to Chile and on to Antarctica – to achieve history for Thailand in January 2019 !

Stay tuned to all of our online channels and website for ongoing updates and announcements. Make sure you subscribe so you are kept up to date and please share this experience with EVERYONE!


Thank you for subscribing to True South - Adventure to Antarctica